Monday, June 2, 2014

Noah Daniel: 1 Year Old

 Noah. you turned one on Saturday. This year has flown immensely fast and I'm sad to see it go. You are a sweet, sweet baby. You like to cuddle and wrestle and play chase. You're shy so making you laugh and smile means WE are the special ones, because you love us. You are quite the play-er as you hunt and explore and climb.  The girls will squawk at you because you climb into their toy bucket and plop right down. Almost like "I'm here, now what should we do?!" It is adorable.

 You talk and make a "doo doo doo" sound as you purse your little lips together. I think it is you repeating "tickle, tickle, tickle" but we'll never know.  You say mama, dada, and gooh gooh for your sisters. You talk gibberish often and its so cute to hear. You can repeat beats and sounds and will dance and bob your head if we are talking or dancing or singing.

 You make us laugh as you make the cutest faces. You're serious but funny and know how to make us laugh with your antics. You like to eat: sweet potatoes, ham, eggs, blueberries, toast, almond butter on bananas, raisins and other fun kid things. You climb the stairs and disappear or hide (scary and funny sometimes). You suck your thumb, have 8 teeth and love your lovie Elephant.
We love you Bud!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Who Knew?

 Who knew this would be life's new normal?
 If someone would have walked up to me at Taylor and told me that I'd wake up and live this crazy life, I would have laughed, turned red and gotten all sweaty. This life was not what I had in mind.

Am I happy? Most days, Yes! Would I trade it in for another life? Maybe for a few minutes but I'd miss these loonies too much.

(Thanks Barb for taking these pics last weekend)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunny Disposition

 I am so dang grateful that its sunny and warm outside! We play out back almost everyday. I'm so glad I can open the screen door, shoo them out there and call them inside for meals. The girls dig for worms and rolly pollies and overturn all the rocks in search of creatures. 

 Easter came and went with little fuss (I'm sorta anti-Santa/EasterBunny/Valentines). We went to church and had friends over for dinner and a fire.

 Ashlyn's curls were beautifully displayed for church on Sunday!

 Noah is a cute little explorer and dirt-eater! He bear crawls (no knees touching) and is starting to stand! So sweet.

The girls posed for a little hug. They have their moments of scratching/hitting/screaming but this was sweet.

(Look I posted!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quick Updates

I'm not going to let myself feel like a failure that I don't blog often enough. It was a fun priority that has been long ago pushed behind three kids, a home, a marriage, laundry, gardening and sleep.  Since those OTHER things have become grandeur in scale, the blog has been sadly, severely neglected. Apologies from the depth of my sleep -deprived, chore-battered soul (Not really, I don't feel guilty)

(Noah's dedication a few Sundays ago; settings were a little bright on my camera)

Ari, Ashlyn and Noah are thriving, to say the least. They are happy, healthy rambunctious little mess-makers who make Dan and me laugh all dang day.  They are growing, learning, exploring and coming into their own personalities and quirks.

In the old days when I could take a few HOURS to myself and journal, I would do 'updates' on myself and the things in my life. I'd very type-A categorize them into mental (happy or sad; in love or in denial etc), physical (how many 3 pointers or how far I've been running), spiritual (what God was doing and what I was struggling with), and relational (who I've been crushing, loving, hating and obsessing).  Seemed easy enough to do monthly "evaluations" or updates and when I reread my old journals, I LAUGH and cry at what was sooo vitally important back then. Oh the naivety.

Anyway. I'm not sure who reads this ole blog anymore but HI! I'm sorry we've been absent. Out making memories not remembering to document them. 

I've made it a goal to pull out the 'real' camera each week. Silly that I'm so blessed to have an I Phone that takes okay pictures and Instagram to document those said pictures in a very timely fashion.  But I also like taking real pictures and need to dust off the Canon once a week. So, this is my vow, I will try to take pictures once a week and post once a week. Ambitious?  A little.... But hold me to it! 

So, My quick updates. We'll go backwards

Noah Daniel- 10.5 months, 29.5 inches, 22 pounds, 8 teeth, a climber, explorer, great sleeper (except the month those teeth came thru), ticklish, sturdy, opinionated (read: loud when unhappy), adorable.  He's the star of the show sometimes as he sits and plays and giggles when you chase him. He's a little shy and definitely a mamas boy right now (no complaints, I love it) as he wants to be held or worn often.  Noah sleeps really well now that his teeth have come through, sometimes thru the night (hooray!) and if not, just waking once.  He is very tall (95th percentile) and loves to climb. I keep moving furniture to minimize his injuries but to no avail, he's received numerous face and head bruises.  He likes sweet potatoes, ham, blueberries, toast with almond butter and green smoothies (thankfully he figured out the straw thing). He naps on his tummy with his elephant "lovie" and smiles all day. Sweet Sweet boy.

Ashlyn Claire- 2 years, 9 months, 34lbs, 31inches?. Sooo dang funny. Fiesty, sturdy, rambunctious, rebellious, sweet, soft and gentle, exploring, quick thinker (faster than she can talk sometimes), smart. One word: "bunpaci". Whiny (!), such a cuddler, makes me laugh all day, plays so well by herself and is very creative about her play. She's the one who volunteers to get craft and draw or paint (much to her mother's dismay about the messes :/ )  Ashlyn is more cautious about doing daring things and is a tiny bit more dramatic about sickness and injury. She likes to dance and be crazy and make the silliest faces.  She likes to push her babies around and be a pretend mama. She asks to be prayed for and prays for others. The heart of compassion I see is wonderful.  She is a tiny bit shy, especially in new places but follows along with Ari's lead in talking to strangers without fear. Ashlyn loves movies and books and small objects (ha). She will hoard and carry around beads and babies for days without losing them. She's starting to go on the potty but we are taking a more hands off approach because of my failures with Ari (another post, another time). Ash is my fantastic sleeper. She sleeps 10 hours at night and a 2+ hour each afternoon!  She is becoming a big girl too fast though and when I see pics of her chunky baby self, I get really sad. 

Ari Taylor- 4 years 3 months. 36 lbs, 42 inches tall. Brave, smart, inquisitive, serious, explorer, argumentative, realistic, outgoing, thoughtful, kind, generous, a leader, a thinker who takes her time making decisions and doing things (could be age but I think its a personality trait too), a great alone-time player. She is *this close* to reading. Sounding out letters and doing her lessons each week. I'm learning not to push, she'll read when she's ready. We butt heads often; similar personalities. Both of us like to be right and get our way (humbling, I tell ya).  She's a sponge too, in those "Parrot Years" of learning facts and wanting to know ALL THE THINGS. There's very little quiet when it comes to her, she's always playing, creating, imagining, laughing, story telling, leading and bossing around. She will talk to ANYONE. Literally. A one-legged-homeless woman in the city...Ari walks up and says "Why do you only have one leg? And why does your dog have a muzzle?" (Insert embarrassed mother emoticon here).  I actually love hearing what she says to other people. I'm a homeschooling mom now and there is NO lack of socialization here. I take her places sometimes just to see what she will say to other people. Ari loves to dig for bugs and collect flowers and findings out back in the woods. She will spend hours digging up under rocks for bugs and creatures. She likes to play games, do puzzles, build forts, read/look at books, pretend everything from fairy unicorns to pirates to dead cats in a fire.  She is just at an amazing age.