Monday, June 2, 2014

Noah Daniel: 1 Year Old

 Noah. you turned one on Saturday. This year has flown immensely fast and I'm sad to see it go. You are a sweet, sweet baby. You like to cuddle and wrestle and play chase. You're shy so making you laugh and smile means WE are the special ones, because you love us. You are quite the play-er as you hunt and explore and climb.  The girls will squawk at you because you climb into their toy bucket and plop right down. Almost like "I'm here, now what should we do?!" It is adorable.

 You talk and make a "doo doo doo" sound as you purse your little lips together. I think it is you repeating "tickle, tickle, tickle" but we'll never know.  You say mama, dada, and gooh gooh for your sisters. You talk gibberish often and its so cute to hear. You can repeat beats and sounds and will dance and bob your head if we are talking or dancing or singing.

 You make us laugh as you make the cutest faces. You're serious but funny and know how to make us laugh with your antics. You like to eat: sweet potatoes, ham, eggs, blueberries, toast, almond butter on bananas, raisins and other fun kid things. You climb the stairs and disappear or hide (scary and funny sometimes). You suck your thumb, have 8 teeth and love your lovie Elephant.
We love you Bud!


The Hallers said...

He's SO adorable. He looks like a little thinker! I still can't believe a year has passed. That was crazy-fast!

Barb said...

I love this, sweet sweet Noah! Agree; one whole year??

Anonymous said...

He's a doll. Easy to love. God has made some special children in the Haller line.